Pastor's Message

March 2020

It won't be long before you start hearing about all the things people have given up for Lent. Chocolate. Alcohol. Swearing. Bread. Giving up bread is probably the hardest thing to do for me. At the beginning of the year, Jessica and I made a resolution to eat better. Part of our diet is to eliminate bad carbs like refined sugar and enriched bread. Surprisingly, minus one trip to Cabo, we have been able to follow through with our resolution.
When thinking about giving up bread, you might think about the part in the Lord's prayer that goes, "Give us this day our daily bread..." See? God wants us to eat bread on a daily basis! Whoa there, Seabiscuit. (Mmmm...a biscuit sounds good right about focused.) Of course "our daily bread" is meant to reference the daily sustenance we need to survive. More importantly, though, it draws attention to the One who gives such sustenance. This prayer teaches us to come to God in a spirit of humble dependence asking God for what we need on a daily basis. Not asking God for what you need only when you are troubled. But on a daily basis, asking for that which He is ready to give. God doesn't owe us anything. And, still, He readily provides for us so we do not go malnourished. As you give up bread for Lent or for good, be sure you don't give up on the daily bread God is providing you. This Lent, may God "rain down bread from heaven for you" that you may be nourished in His name.
God's Blessings, Rev. Russell Williams
March  2020 - Garden Ministry - Making Progress!

New Beginnings Moravian Garden is an outreach ministry of New Beginnings Moravian Church.   The garden will be located on a 13-acre tract of land the church owns at the corner of Black Farms Road and N.C. Highway 73, about 3 miles from downtown Huntersville.


The primary purpose of the garden will be to provide fresh produce for local food banks, fulfilling the Biblical imperative to feed the hungry.​   The garden ministry will also offer education and outreach programs that will strengthen the resilience and self-reliance of the community while communicating the church's prime message of salvation through Jesus Christ.


Phase One of the project will break ground in January 2020 and will consist of a fenced 30' x 30' foot area with eight 4' x 8' Square Foot beds, a tool storage shed and a 4' x 15' "lasagna" flower bed. Phase Two, which is expected to launch in 2021, will double that growing capability.

For more information, please visit our Garden Ministry facebook page at

March  2020 - Volunteering with Bags of Hope and the Emergency Men's Shelter

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Monthly Spotlight


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