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The oldest Protestant sect, founded 26 years before Martin Luther was even born, Moravians have historically been a mission-oriented faith, starting in what is now Czechoslovakia. They founded the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Wachovia, in the area of North Carolina now known as Winston-Salem.

The Moravian Church in America consists of two Provinces, the Northern and the Southern. New Beginnings Moravian Church is part of the Southern Province.


Started in 2000 at a meeting of 15 people, the goal was to create a Moravian congregation in the northern part of Mecklenburg County.


In essentials, unity;

in non-essentials, liberty;

in all things, love.


Building a community guided by the Holy Scriptures, preparing it to reach out in word and deed, with faith, joy and compassion, spreading the message of hope through Jesus Christ while celebrating God's everlasting love and grace.


The Moravian faith is steeped in tradition. The multipoint Moravian Christmas star, so familiar on porches and Christmas trees, Moravian cookies, sugar cake, and chicken pies are widely known. The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, with handmade beeswax candles, has been adopted by many other Protestant denominations, as has the Moravian Lovefeast -- a simple meal incorporated as part of the worship experience.

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